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Budget 2015 - so what next?

Pearse Kenney – Senior Tax Manager with HC Financial Advisers Ltd Economists, academics and think tanks will continue to offer well considered advice only to see it roundly ignored by those tasked to implement the policies, writes Pearse Kenney In the lead-up to Richard Nixon’s visit to China in 1972, a White House official mentioned in a briefing to the US President that the then Chinese Prime Minister Chou En-Lai was a keen student of French history. During the visit, Nixon and Chou walked the gardens of the Prime Minister’s residence.

Naughty or Nice

Hannah Kiely, CEO, HC Financial Advisers Limited

Which have you been this year?  I hope a little bit of both.  Let’s look back on the year and see who makes which list?

The Naughty List

The Banking Inquiry opened in December and was told that the Irish Government took the safe option when it came to the bail out with Peter Nyberg saying  that “It doesn’t mean they partied but means the boom and bubble made them feel their lives were better.”  He also referred to “real estate Mania”.  And that “Ignorance rather than criminality were to blame”.