Daily Archives: January 14, 2015

The Civilising Role of Arts and Culture

Hannah Kiely, CEO, HC Financial Advisers

If you have passed through Heathrow Terminal 2 you will see “Slipstream”, the sculpture by the artist Richard Wilson which twists and turns in simulation of a small airplane as it moves through space performing a series of acrobatic manoeuvres.  The engineers point out that the sculpture harkens back to earlier artistic studies in motion, such as those by photographer Edward Muybridge in the late 19th century.   It is not the economic benefit of tourists and Britain’s creative image that makes this special, but the fact that it is exciting, and redolent of past flying achievements and of manufacturing expertise.  And isn’t this one of the reason why public and private investments in the arts is done for the inherent value of culture: life enhancing, entertaining, and defining of our personal and national identities.