Naughty or Nice

Hannah Kiely, CEO, HC Financial Advisers Limited

Which have you been this year?  I hope a little bit of both.  Let’s look back on the year and see who makes which list?

The Naughty List

The Banking Inquiry opened in December and was told that the Irish Government took the safe option when it came to the bail out with Peter Nyberg saying  that “It doesn’t mean they partied but means the boom and bubble made them feel their lives were better.”  He also referred to “real estate Mania”.  And that “Ignorance rather than criminality were to blame”.

Irish Water will be vying for top spot with the banking Inquiry after what can only be described as the one of the greatest messes by the government to date and the impact of this of course will be that the government will clock up a bigger deficit than expected next year because of the hit to the public purse from Irish Water, according to the ESRI.

Certain well known people believing that the hard times were over, and having a Christmas party with plenty of bubbly and being photographed looking delighted.

Cyber Monday has become the new January Sales, bah humbug!

A quarter of private rental tenants in Ireland are afraid of losing their accommodation and one third of them do not even have a formal lease.

The Universal Social Charge (USC) is going nowhere for the time being according to Finance Minister Michael Noonan. This change could move Mr Noonan to top of the Nice List!

The Nice List

This has been a pretty massive year for car sales, with more than 118,000 vehicles sold across Ireland with compared to 92,724 in 2013.

The Irish are genuinely a funny race having cleaned up at the British Comedy Awards; we certainly can laugh at ourselves and provide others that same ability to laugh at us also.

A government minister has given strong indications that the national minimum wage is likely to be increased as soon as next year as he seeks members for the new Low Pay Commission.

There is antimony in them there hills in Monaghan, precious antimony, and no it’s not anti-money, but the lustrous metalloid is used as an alloying material for tin and lead and for lead antimony plates in batteries.

The Exchequer has taken €1.13 billion more tax in the first 11 month of this year than had been predicted in last year’s budget.  The total tax take for the first 11 months of the year was €38.16 billion, nearly €3 billion more than it was in the same period in 2013

There are many reasons why Waterford made the Nice List, being from there of course, I am hardly biased, but the first 4G+ network, which will deliver speeds of up to 150Mbs (18.75MB) to customers, has been switched on in Waterford with three other cities to follow.  Oh and of course the Blah, and Waterford Whispers to name but a few.

So Naughty or nice, it’s been a tough year for many and a good one for some.  But it is drawing to a close and I would like to wish all the readers of this column a truly happy and peaceful Christmas and a very prosperous New Year.  Thank you.

HC Financial Advisers…………we advise.



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