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Retirement Planning - Pension Advice Galway

Retirement Planning – Pension Advice Galway

In the past, planning for retirement was akin to planning for the end – nowadays we all look forward to a long health and active life after work, a period that for most of us will last upwards of 20 years.

Whilst this is very welcome it raises a substantial issue – what will you use to fund your 20 years of retirement? Work will have ceased and the State Pension is just that.

Pension planning is often considered a complex and confusing process – however it doesn’t have to be that way. HC Financial Advisers will work with you to simplify and demystify the pension’s world – getting back to the basic underlying premise which is that at the end of the day a pension plan is just a long term savings arrangement. There are some complex rules and regulations and that’s where we come in – we deal with the set-up for you, the on-going administration, the reporting and the compliance. Ensuring that you can focus on what you can afford to save, how that should be invested and what you can reasonably expect at retirement.

Integrating both your wealth management and lifelong financial planning with your retirement planning to ensure that your needs, affordability, risk profile and return expectation are all taken into account in coming to the recommended retirement model. We then work with you through to retirement – and beyond – to help ensure that you achieve the income and lifestyle in retirement that you planned for.

Corporate Pensions

We also provide employers with consultancy services focused on the provision of employee benefit schemes for their staff. Again we have extensive expertise in this area to ensure that the needs of the sponsoring company and the members are understood, met and explained.

We can act as advisers to the trustees or indeed can provide trustee services.

Whilst we ensure that our offering delivers the most cost effective, easy to administer pension plan for employers, our model is significantly different from that employed by the traditional consultants, in that we add an additional level of focus on the employee – the member of the scheme. Ensuring that employees understand, engage with and appreciate the benefits of their scheme adds significant value for both employers and their staff.

Nowadays we all look forward to a long healthy and active life after work… what will you use to fund your 20 years of retirement?