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Local Propery Tax
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Local Property Tax Information

adobepdf Guide to Local Property Tax & How to Pay and File, and
1 Return for Local Property Tax-Form LPT1 (Sample form)*
LPT book LOCAL PROPERTY TAX (LPT) Society of Chartered Surveyors
- A Public Information Guide
Property Tax Leaflet >>Click here to see our information leaflet on Property Charges for 2013 More>>

Guide to Local Property Tax & How to Pay and File

  • This guide contains a step-by-step guide to completing the return for Local Property Tax-Form LPT1 (see below).
  • It also includes guidelines on how residential properties should be valued. 
  • Further guidance is to be made available at www.revenue.ie from March 2013.  This will include an online guide that will provide indicative property values.
  • It confirms that the payment method selected for 2013 will automatically apply for subsequent years unless an alternative method is selected.
  • It also states that the amount shown on Revenue’s Notice of Estimate (to be issued in March) should only be returned and paid if it accurately reflects the taxpayer’s self-assessment.
  • It also confirms that if you do not file a return or contact Revenue to say why you are not liable, Revenue will pursue the amount on the Notice of Estimate using a range of collection options.
Return for Local Property Tax-Form LPT1
  • This two page Form contains a unique Property ID and a PIN number to facilitate filing online at www.revenue.ie
  • There are a variety of payment options provided for on the Form.
  • There is also a facility for persons filing on behalf of the taxpayer to identify themselves as such.
  • There is a facility for claiming exemption from the Local Property Tax. It should be noted that even if the property is exempt there is still a requirement to complete and submit a return.
  • There is a deferral option for those with an inability to pay.
*Note: This sample Form is for information purposes only and should not be completed.

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