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Whether your children are in primary, secondary or third level education, chances are you are underestimating the cost of sending them to school and college – we’ve put together some information that you may find useful

Every year back-to-school costs are rising for families in Ireland. Even educating one child can run into tens of thousands of euro. Research carried out by Zurich on the Cost of Education in Ireland* reveals a discrepancy between what parents estimate the cost of education to be and what the actual cost is. When it comes to financing children’s education the higher the educational level, the higher the necessity for making sacrifices to cover education costs.

Average annual & lifetime cost of education

Source: www.zurich

The cost of 3rd level education outlined here is only a base price. Consideration of accommodation and travel expenses if they are studying away from home can double that initial estimate. Include day to day expenses and added extras like doctors bills and the cost will rise again. These figures are an estimated guide and further research is advised before setting up your specific plan.

A good education is the best possible start in life and for most of us ensuring we can provide for our children’s education, from primary school right through to third level, is one of the most important things we can do for our childrens future.

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