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How to Age Well – a plan for the New Year!

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Christmas truly is one of the most wonderful and busiest times of the year. For most of us, there are parties, warm homes, celebrated traditions and gifts to be shared. It’s a time of celebration and if we are lucky, it is a time to spend with our loved ones and take some time out from our busy day to day schedules.
As Christmas is a time of taking stock and making some changes in the New Year, we thought you might enjoy some of the points outlined at a recent Irish Life Conference. It might stand to you in the future or be of benefit to someone close to you.

How to Age well!

(Extract from recent Irish Life Conference by Professor Rose Anne Kenny)

Did you know that people living by the sea are less likely to be depressed? That optimists live longer? That friendship and good social life is as important as low cholesterol for heart disease? That quality of life continues to get better after 50 for almost another 30 years?

8 Key factors in helping you have a better retirement.

  1. Physical Activity
    Stay active and fit, walk, go to the gym, dance, whatever takes your interest but keep active.

  2. Purpose
    Knowing why you wake up in the morning makes you healthier, happier, and adds up to 7 years of extra life expectancy.

  3. Down time
    Relax and enjoy your time off. Stress is part of life, but try to have stress-relieving rituals built into your daily routines.
  4. Sleep
    Get a good nights sleep.

  5. Diet
    Eat something from the land and something from the sea everyday. Vegetables, Fruit, Whole grains, Nuts, Pulses & Beans are the cornerstone of most centenarian

  6. Social Engagement
    Volunteering, social participation, looking after grandchildren…

  7. Know your metrics
    Blood pressure, Cholesterol, Blood Sugar & BMI.

  8. As young as you Feel

Stay positive.

Life changes every year from Christmas to Christmas and everyone’s situation is different. As you sing in the New Year and make your resolutions, think about giving us a call and get started on that financial plan for your future. Our team are here to help and advise you.
We specialise in Mortgages, Life Assurance, Income protection, Pensions, Savings & Investments, Tax Advice & Long Term Financial Planning.
Our aim is to help you plan a better financial future for you and for who or what matters most to you.


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