Lets talk about your Employee Financial Well-being

Employee Financial Wellness & Empowerment

The challenge for Companies when it comes to Workplace Wellbeing is to not simply accept that financial stress exists amongst their workforces but to actively try and reduce the stress and empower the employees.

It is an opportunity to look at creating an effective health promotion intervention that addresses the cumulative financial wellness needs of their workforce for the different life stages employees may be at and the financial demands each stage poses.

Over the last number of years there has been a strong focus on health and well-being. Many companies have offered incentives for employees to join gyms or take self-development classes and encourage a better work life balance.

All of this is very welcome and necessary but its more focused on dealing with stress once it’s there rather than trying to actually reduce it at source, before it takes hold.

Many of us are very focused on the now – meeting the deadline, finishing the project, raising the family etc. At the back of our mind, niggling away is the “what ifs”. We need to offer our employees an  opportunity to step back and have an overview of where they are, what is or may come down the line and make a plan for the future. Peace of mind can never be underestimated.

Employers should consider the various forms of education available to empower their employees and address their financial well-being. An ad hoc approach will not suffice?

It is important to consider how a financial wellness programme is communicated. The messaging is really important in terms of building engagement amongst your workforce with the programme itself. How a programme is branded, advertised, delivered and messaged on site, will all contribute to ensuring that employers get the most “bang for their buck” in improving the financial wellness of their employees.

HC Financial has been running On-Site Financial Well-being clinics to a number of companies for quite some time.

What have we found are the benefits of giving your employees financial advice?

For the Employer: Supporting employee wellbeing is good for employees and your business. Promoting financial wellbeing can help prevent stress and create positive working environments where individuals and organisations can thrive. Good financial health and wellbeing can be a core enabler of employee engagement and organisational performance.

Employee wellbeing is about more than physiological or mental ill health, it extends into happiness and job satisfaction.

Add to your employee benefit programmeEducate your employees on financial matters and enjoy the benefits that come from a financially healthy workforce.

For the Employee it gives access to expert advice, in their workplace at their convenience, which means they are more likely to avail of the service.

Initial consultation is free after that all costs are fully itemised, transparent, disclosed and agreed in advance.

Not open to exploitation by institutions.

Expert advice delivered by a well-established, highly reputable and regulated Financial Advisers and Tax Consultants.

Supports employee wellbeing by providing an opportunity to ensure they are prepared for any future financial hurdles and have provision in place for their families should the unexpected happen.

What makes us different

Our team and our focus: Our people, as well as being highly qualified and experienced in financial advice and planning, we are also mortgage holders, have dependents who rely on our income, children to educate, futures to plan. We are real people with the same challenges. We don’t just dish out advice, it’s about creating relationships with our clients, we thrive on making a positive difference to someone’s future.

Over the years some of our clients have suffered bereavement and loss and came to us later to thank us for the advice that stood to them during that time – throughout their darkest days, finances were not adding to their difficulties.

Its looking at the big picture – individual solutions and the longer term  It could be areas such as saving, investing, mortgages, protection, pensions and tax planning.

It’s about helping you plan a better financial future

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