Financial Advice Survey

Welcome to your Financial Advice Survey


1. What are the most important factors to you as a customer when choosing a Financial Institution or Financial advisor? Please list your preferences in order of 1 – 9 with 1 being most important and 9 least important

Empowerment: Empowering clients by giving them choice and control over their financial futures enabling them to achieve their goals and objectives

Putting Clients First: We keep the client's interests first. Work with colleagues to deliver the best of the Firm to every client. Listen to what the client is saying and needs 

Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion: We value our clients individuality and believe our the service we provide should be inclusive and accessible for all

Giving Back: Community is important to us, we believe in giving our time and resources where possible to benefit both our local community and a wider reach.

Honesty & Trust: We speak the truth to make our team and clients lives better, we hold ourselves accountable

Good Governance: The maintenance of objectivity in decision-making, fairness in the consideration of stakeholders? interests, acceptance of accountability for actions and the demonstration of socially responsible behaviour.

Quality of Service: We believe in providing the highest quality of service to our clients and put their needs first

Expert Knowledge: Our team are all qualified financial advisers with wide ranging experience in all aspects of financial planning

Ethical Practices: We believe and practice ethical practices in our workplace and service. We offer flexible work arrangements for our employees, we embrace responsible waste disposable and recycling, we have an energy use policy and in our service offering we offer ESG investment options to our clients

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