HC FINANCIAL Annual AML & CTF Training Assessment

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Please note you need a minimum of 9 out of 12 correct answers to pass the quiz

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1. Placement, layering and integration are the three stages in the Money Laundering process
2. Which of the following are the three categories of Customer Due Diligence?
3. Enhanced Customer Due Diligence must be applied to non-domestic PEPs only.
4. Standard Due Diligence Factors which indicate lower risk includes EU member states.
5. A Personal Data Breach should be notified to:
6. Under GDPR Retention policy, how long can personal data be kept for?
7. The Business risk assessment must be approved by senior management
8. The outcome of the business risk assessment should inform the firm's risk-based approach and the design of AML/CFT controls.
9. The threshold of 25% of ownership/control (shares, voting rights, capital) was removed for which category of beneficial owner:
10. A formal training schedule should be developed and maintained to ensure all relevant staff are adequately trained at least annually.
11. Which of the following bodies should an external Suspicious transaction report be made to?
12. The MLRO must report all suspicious transactions reported to him/her to the appropriate authorities

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