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At HC Financial we have a range of Savings & Investments options for you. Having money on deposit can be a good route to achieving your short-term financial goals, such as having enough money for a holiday, a new car or for a rainy day.

In general – your money is secure and you usually have easy, instant access to it.

For longer-term financial goals, however, you may want to consider other options.

It can be tempting to put off investing when markets are volatile over short periods of time. However, it’s important to understand that getting and staying invested is often a better way to smooth your returns over the long-term – shorter term periods of ups and downs could be more than compensated for by long-term opportunities.


It’s always sensible to have some money on deposit where you can access it when you need it. Making your way towards a longer term financial goal, such as an early retirement may be more easily and successfully achieved by investing your money over the long-term.

Just like saving money in a deposit account, you can start investing with a relatively small amount of money. You can also invest using a lump sum or a series of regular amounts. The big difference, however, is that the money is used to invest in funds that buy assets such as shares, properties, bonds or commodities. The values of these assets have the potential to grow at a faster rate than inflation. So, the value of your investment has the opportunity to achieve significant growth and generate a higher return for you in the long-term. Please note with investments, your money can rise and fall in value and you may get back less than you invested.

At HC Financial we have access to  a suite of diversified multi asset portfolios that operate across the risk spectrum.

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Savings & Investments