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Personal Tax Advice and Planning

The range of tax regulations and obligations can be very challenging. We help people like you to manage their personal income, expenditure and overall wealth. At HC Financial our team of tax advisers provide a comprehensive advisory service on all aspects of personal taxation.

Some of the key personal tax advice services we offer you are:

Self Employed or Self Assessed:

Self assessment applies if you are self employed, a company director or a trustee or personal representative.

Failure to meet your tax obligations can result in significant interest and penalties. We are here to help you complete your tax return, calculate your tax liability and advise you on what payments are due. Self assessment does not generally apply people who pay tax through the PAYE system

Capital Gains Tax  – CGT:

This applies when you dispose of or transfer an asset. We can help you access tax exemptions and reliefs available to you to limit your tax liability. We will ensure you pay your CGT on time ensuring no penalties or interest charges are incurred.

Capital Acquisitions Tax – CAT:

Capital Acquisitions Tax may be payable on property and assets received by way of inheritance or as a gift. At HC our expert advice and experience in this area will ensure you avail of all reliefs and allowances available in order to limit your CAT liability. We will ensure you pay your CAT on time ensuring no penalties or interest charges are incurred.


We believe that the provision of traditional financial planning services is significantly enhanced where you can also look at the tax planning needs of our clients – our tax consultancy area helps us to ensure that any investment, savings or pensions product solutions are implemented in the most tax efficient way possible for our clients.

In Summary our services  include:

  • Annual tax returns & Revenue Audits
  • Special tax review work,
  • Capital taxes on assets or shares
  • Succession planning – passing on the valuable assets to the next generation in the most tax efficient way possible
  • Advice and structuring of employee schemes
  • Redundancy advice and termination payments
  • Extraction of cash from businesses in the most tax effective way

Tax Advice

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